SIAL Innovation

SIAL Innovation 2019 - India

The operation is reserved to exhibitors (individual or members of a group that has signed up as registered exhibitors) at SIAL India 2019, who may present one or more products, each of whom must comply with following criteria:

  • Must provide an edible food product for the food processing industry;
  • All participants should declare and guarantee that they own the intellectual property rights relating to the product presented or, have been duly authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights relating to the presented product for the competition; 
  • Participants shall guarantee that their products comply with the legislation of the original country or the country in which they are located.

The selection committee made of expert professionals in innovation and food industry will deliberate and keep you informed of their decision by email.


Registration for SIAL Innovation has opened!

The deadline will be on 14th  August 2019. 

The Jury

They are comprised by an independent jury of experts from food industry worldwide:

  • shall examine the innovatinve qualities specific to products, even if they are not finalized (test to launch phase);
  • shall judge as a priority the relevance of whatever new benefit the product offers the consumer/ or the industry (merchandising, packaging, recipe, technology, etc.);
  • shall award top prizes to the products that they considered as the most innovative of all the products selected;
  • they are the sole parties authorized to determine whether or not to select the products presented for the operation; their decision shall be the final.

Why to apply

  • Strongly increased visibility; Industry leaders and influencers will join SIAL India in  2019;
  • Showcase product on every SIAL network event all over the world; China, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi and Montreal (for awarded products only);
  • Domestic and international promotion; media coverage before, during and after the exhibition;
  • You are granted the full rights to use the SIAL Innovation 2019 logo free of charge to promote your product.